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STEP 5 OF 5 Commercial and Privacy Declarations

Contact Details

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Funding Request

Individuals, company directors, partners or trustees
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Statement of Position

Assets – Show present fair market value (optional)
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Liabilities – Current amount owing

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Equity position
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Supporting Trade Information

Livestock location address : owned land
Livestock location address : leased land
Property Identification code (PIC)
Any existing security registered over livestock?
Agent details
Experience and operation

Commercial and Privacy Declarations

Each declaration must be accepted by all individual Contacts and Guarantors

Commercial Credit Loan Declaration

(a) I apply for a loan to be used for business purposes.

(b) If I have applied for a loan as an individual under my personal name:
   a. I declare I am applying for commercial credit on behalf of my business and that the loan is not for personal, family or household purposes; and    b. I consent to my consumer credit information being used for the purpose of assessing this application for commercial credit.

(c) If you (as the credit provider) approve this application and provide me with a loan, I agree that the terms and conditions enclosed with this application form will apply to my loan.

(d) I declare that the information provided in my application for the loan including the information provided in the enclosed Statement of Position is true and complete and includes an accurate summary of my financial position.

(e) I acknowledge that the representations made to you by me may be relied on by you in assessing this loan application.

(f) I consent to the matters set out in the Privacy Consent and Acknowledgment Section appearing on page 6 of this application.

(g) I declare that the credit to be provided by you is to be applied wholly or predominantly for business purposes.

(h) I am authorised to sign this application in my capacity as, or on behalf of, the applicant.

Each individual, company, director, partner and trustee to agree
Privacy Act Declaration

I/We acknowledge that certain items of credit information about me/us contained in this application might be disclosed to a credit reporting body in accordance with the provisions of the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth).

I/we authorise Agrifunder Pty Limited (ACN 622 246 486) and its related entities (Agrifunder) to give and obtain from credit providers named in this credit application, and credit providers that may be named in a credit report issued by a credit reporting body, information about my/our credit arrangements.

I/We understand this information can include any information about my/our credit worthiness, credit standing, credit history, or credit capacity that credit providers are allowed to give or receive from each other under the Privacy Act 1988.

I/We consent to Agrifunder verifying my information with the document issuer/official record holder.

I/we consent to Agrifunder obtaining a credit report about me/us from a credit reporting agency. This credit report might contain information about me/us, including default information (min $150.00 and 60 days overdue). Without limiting the foregoing: If Agrifunder considers it relevant to assess my/our application for personal credit,

I/we agree to Agrifunder obtaining a report about my/our commercial activities or commercial credit worthiness from a business which provides information about the commercial credit worthiness of persons. If Agrifunder considers it relevant to assessing my/our application for commercial credit,

I/we agree to Agrifunder obtaining from a credit reporting body a credit report containing personal credit information about me/us in relation to any nominated commercial credit provider. By signing this declaration,

I/we specifically agree that Agrifunder may request information from a credit reporting body and obtain information from credit providers for any purpose that Agrifunder considers relevant. Without limiting the forgoing,

I/we agree that Agrifunder may request, use and disclose credit information for the following purposes: To assess an application by me/us for credit. To assess an offer by me/us to act as a guarantor. To assist me/us avoid defaulting on my/our credit obligations. To notify other credit providers of a default by me/us. To assess my/our credit worthiness.

I/we authorise Agrifunder to contact my accountant to obtain a copy of the last set of financial accounts for my/our entity(s).

I/we authorise Agrifunder to provide relevant account information, including ongoing account compliance information about my/our Agrifunder account to agents that Agrifunder engages to manage and oversee client accounts, such as brokers and referral agents (“Agrifunder Agents”).

I/we authorise Agrifunder Agents to disclose to Agrifunder my/our personal and credit information currently held by Agrifunder Agents and any information that they subsequently collect about me/us, including but not limited to property details, contact information, financial details, historical account information and ongoing account compliance information.

I/We declare that I am/we are over the age of 18 and the information contained in this application and attached statements are true and correct in every particular and it is upon this basis that I/we make this application.

By signing this Privacy Consent,

I/we confirm that Agrifunder has made their Privacy Policy available to me/us by their website and email upon request and that Agrifunder Agents have made their Privacy Policy available to me/us by email upon request.

I/we acknowledge that the collection, use and disclosure of my/our personal and credit information by Agrifunder and Agrifunder Agents will be governed by this Declaration and the terms of their respective Privacy Policies.

I/we have read Agrifunder’s and Agrifunder Agents Privacy Policies and agree to be bound by their terms.

Each individual, company, director, partner and trustee to agree

We/I confirm the above details are true and correct and that we are /I am not undischarged bankrupt(s) and that there are no outstanding judgement or claims against us/me.

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